Slam Poetry | Youth Empowerment | Revolution

Competition Rules

● Teams are comprised of 4-6 poets.

● No more than 4 poets on stage or on mic at any time during the slam.

● Team members must be between 13-19 years old (Cannot turn 20 before day of LTABKC Finals).

● Participants must be physically present and checked in with the bout manager at least 30 minutes before the slam begins. Lateness to a scheduled bout time may result in disqualification for the participation.

● Each bout will have four rounds and each team will be required to perform at least one group piece – constructed and performed as duets, trios, or quartets – per bout. Each performing member of a group piece must have participated in the writing of the group piece.

● Each poem must be under three minutes, thirty seconds in length. Scores will be penalized for going over the time limit. Penalties will begin after a ten-second grace period at which time a .5-point deduction for every ten seconds over time will be assessed.

● Participants must perform a piece of their own original writing. Participants who plagiarize will be disqualified. Quoting other works and utilizing literary allusion are not plagiarism.

● Props, costumes, and/or musical accompaniment may not be used in the slam.

● There is no censorship whatsoever, but gratuitous use of profanity could work against you when it comes to scoring. It is recommended that teams regulate themselves and try to avoid excessive violence, sexually explicit content and/or language that is degrading to any group of people.

● A mixed panel of artists, educators, youth and community members will be pre-chosen to judge each bout. Judges will not be affiliated with the school teams who participate in LTAB, and teams can challenge a judge to the bout manager in advance of the bout if they anticipate unfairness.

● All protests of possible rule infractions must be lodged with the bout manager before the end of the day on which the possible infraction occurred. The bout manager will review the complaint with the rest of the tournament staff before making a decision regarding potential consequences. The decision will be presented to the affected individuals as soon as possible.